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A diverse offer from the music school Behm • Bertheau & Morgenstern in Potsdam

with the favorites guitar lessons and piano lessons as well as with harp and organ

The music school Behm • Bertheau & Morgenstern combines the joy of making music with a high professional level of education. It is not every students intention to become a concert soloist. However, all students receive a high-quality education that is oriented on everyone’s own wishes and possibilities.

This demands a high level of musical, pedagogical and equally interpersonal competence from the teachers. We attach great importance to this. They represent the music pedagogical profile of the music school Behm • Bertheau & Morgenstern: »Quality meets Joy«. In Potsdam and the surrounding area, as well as in Falkensee and Berlin, lessons are given by almost 170 teachers who earned corresponding university diplomas.

In the popularity ranking of the subjects, piano and guitar lessons occupy the leading positions. However, the offer includes almost all instruments as well as singing lessons. This wide range makes it possible to make use of the learned skills and to participate in music ensembles of the music school Behm • Bertheau & Morgenstern. Starting with early musical education which is offered in many nursery schools and the music school itself, all pupils regularly perform in student concerts. Making music together in front of an audience is an essential part of successful musical education.

Music School Potsdam, Prenzlauer Berg and other locations

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The offer of the music school Behm • Bertheau & Morgenstern extends over many locations in Potsdam and the surrounding area, in Berlin, Falkensee and Nauen.

A search for »Music school Potsdam« or »Music school Prenzlauer Berg« leads to 12 results. In Falkensee, the music school Bertheau & Morgenstern has its location right in the town centre.

The music school is also a guest in numerous schools and nursery schools. For example, the pupils will find the music schools’ music education offer in their vicinity – whether instrumental or singing lessons, early musical education or musical diversity.

Every child and adult may try out his or her subject or instrument in a free trial lesson. If the spark is transmitted, lessons can immediately start.