Courses of study school music teaching

Primary level and secondary level I

Since February 2021, the music school Behm • Bertheau and Morgenstern has been a cooperation partner of the W.i.B. e.V. at the University of Potsdam.

The institute for further qualification in the field of education has now also included the courses in music teaching at primary level and teaching in music in secondary level I in its study program. The instrumental lessons take place at the music school Bertheau and Morgenstern.

The lecturers Uta Meyer, Andreas Bertheau and Martin Behm teach the students singing, guitar and piano, as well as the courses band coaching and choir. The grand opening event took place on February 16, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the “ZOOM” platform had to be used.

A particularly festive note brought us with her greeting from Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke. As President of the Landtag, she spoke to the participants directly from the Brandenburg State Parliament.

Many motivated students are now looking forward to the practice-oriented course and will then help ensure that more qualified subject teachers are finally available again for music lessons at Brandenburg’s schools.