• Brandenburg drumming in Linden Park with the music school Bertheau & Morgenstern

Brandenburg drumming in Lindenpark

A ZPOP event in the Potsdam Lindenpark on 14.09.2019

Today it finally happened. “Brandenburg drumming” took place in the Potsdam Lindenpark. The ZPOP had initiated this event and mobilized numerous supporters for it. In addition to the state of Brandenburg, Just Music and VW, the music school Bertheau and Morgenstern was a sponsor of the festival. For this, 15 of our percussion students had exclusive access to the Drumming 100+ Event and Stream.

50 drummers played 3 titles together with the Rage-Against-The-Machine cover band “Maggies Farm”. The whole thing was filmed by the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and should be streamed live into the net. The stream unfortunately had to fail due to technical problems. Nevertheless, all the drummers in the hall had a great time playing together.

The titles were very complex and demanded absolute concentration. 50 drums, you can feel it in the pit of the stomach. Good that all earmuffs were wearing. Have fun looking at the pictures. More will follow in the next few days and also determines the video for the event.